Mann off to WWII

Say what you will about PUBLIC ENEMIES, I'm still looking forward to Michael Mann's next film. Some people love ENEMIES and some people (like me) just couldn't connect with it on any level. It's a shame because I was really looking forward to it. But just like that, I'll be looking forward to his next film. Variety is reporting that film could be a biopic of WWII photographer Robert Capa and his relationship with fellow photographer (and lover) Gerda Taro. You might not know Capa's name but I'm sure you know some of his work. He actually swam to shore with the US troops at the invasion of Normandy Beach and his photos of D-Day are still the most striking (even considering that handfuls of his rolls from that day were ruined in the darkroom).

Mann has been trying to get a Capa film off the ground for a while and to help get this going, it has been described as a "low-budget, gritty" type film. Jez Butterworth, who caught Mann's eye with his James Brown biopic script, is writing the Capa script based on the biography "Waiting for Robert Capa."

Extra Tidbit: Capa romanced Ingrid Bergman after his wife's death but never remarried.
Source: Variety



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