Mara joins Iron Man 2

On the same day her younger sister Rooney landed the lead role in the upcoming NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake, Kate Mara snagged a high profile role of her own. She's signed on to star in the now-filming IRON MAN 2 in a role that Marvel is keeping secret. Hmm. Speculation has run from Sharon Carter/Agent 13 to Bethany Cabe. My guess is she'll play a relatively minor role in IRON MAN 2 with an expanding role in the future AVENGERS movies...

In more IRON MAN 2 news, Clark Gregg, who you might remember as SHIELD agent Phil Coulson from the first film, has officially returned to reprise his character. The move would reteam Gregg with Sam Rockwell who he directed in last year's Chuck Palahniuk adaptation CHOKE.

Mara will be filming "Entourage" this fall and also has the indie comedy PEEP WORLD with Rainn Wilson and Sarah Silverman filming this fall.

Extra Tidbit: Both Mara girls have ties to both the Giants and Steelers. Their great-grandfather on their father's side founded the Giants and their grandfather on their mother's side founded the Steelers.
Source: THR



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