Marge does Playboy?

Marge gets "dirty"

The rumor has been running around for a while, though many dismissed it as nothing more than a quirky cover for a publicity stunt to mark the show's coming anniversary. But apparently it's the real deal, and it's happening next month! There's humor, then there's Matt Groening & Hugh Hefner together.

According to E!Online, the Simpsons matriarch will be doing a full 3-page spread au naturel for the November edition of Playboy, indeed to celebrate the show's venerable 20th complete with data sheet and interview. Fervent readers who do not bare a fetish for naked 'toons need not worry, a real-life playmate will also help "decorate" your month.

Since a whole lot of d'ough will be made on this one out of sheer curiosity alone, no preview shots of what a fully nude Margie might look like was offered. I wonder if ALL her hair is blue...

Extra Tidbit: Not the first time a 'toon makes the sexy cover of a magazine. Remember when THIS fooled a lot of guys back in 2001?
Source: E!Online



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