Margot at the poster

Seeing Jack Black's name headline the poster for Noah Baumbach's MARGOT AT THE WEDDING, and to see him so artfully blurred out in the background, makes me proud to be his friend (even though I'm not). I love how far he's come, from goofy sidekick in HIGH FIDELITY, to spastic comedic lead in SCHOOL OF ROCK, and NACHO LIBRE, to charming romantic in THE HOLIDAY, and now his current incarnation as indie darling, in WEDDING and the upcoming BE KIND, REWIND. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I'd also like to mention how pleasantly beautiful Nicole Kidman looks in this poster. Not stunning, or smoking hot, but charming and pretty. Maybe it's the hat, or her perfect profile, or the brown hair, or the fact that she's looking away. I don't know, but I like it, and I like the look of this film, trailer included. The movie follows Margot (Kidman) as she comes into town for her sister's (Leigh) wedding and butts heads with her over the man she's marrying (Black).Click on Jack's fourth eyelash from the left to ENLARGE.
Extra Tidbit: Noam Baumbach and Jennifer Jason Leigh are married.
Source: Cinematical



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