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Mark Millar making directorial debut with Miracle Park


Comic book guy Mark Millar, responsible for Wanted and Kick-Ass, will be making the leap from panel to big screen as the director of the low-budget superhero film MIRACLE PARK, described as X-MEN meets TRAINSPOTTING.

Shot entirely on a hand-held camera, MIRACLE PARK's tone is apparently a break from the "traditional" and instead reminiscent of films like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and the more recent THE LAST EXORCISM.

Per IGN: "Set in contemporary Scotland, this dark, unique superhero story focuses on a group of animal rights activists who break into a low-level research laboratory to find a mile-long underground base owned and facilitated by the US government."

Production on the film is expected to be completed near the end of October. Post-production will then commence until sometime in January when a teaser trailer will be released.
Extra Tidbit: What do you guys think of the "handheld camera" approach we seem to be hearing about more and more lately?
Source: IGN



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