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Mark Wahlberg considering the lead role in Seth MacFarlane's debut feature comedy Teddy Bear


Lucky bear.

So the guys over at Pajiba today are reporting that Mark Wahlberg (THE FIGHTER, THE OTHER GUYS) is considering the lead role in "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane's directorial debut, TEDDY BEAR (formerly known as TED).

The R-rated comedy, written by MacFarlane regulars Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, deals with a 33-year-old man's teddy bear (voiced by MacFarlane) that comes to life and begins wreaking havoc when it gets in the way of a relationship with the man's girlfriend. Pajiba adds that the stuffed animal "likes to party, pick up women, smoke pot, and play video games." Oh, bear. You probably bust out the shocker too, huh?

No word yet on when we can expect the live-action/CG-animated hybrid. Wahlberg will next be seen jabbing his way to some potential Oscar gold this December in David O. Russell's THE FIGHTER.
Extra Tidbit: Jesus, bear, wear a condom next time.
Source: Pajiba



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