Mark Wahlberg has decided to befriend a bear in Seth MacFarlane's Ted

Mark Wahlberg was weighing the pros and cons of taking the lead in Seth MacFarlane's life-sized teddy bear movie, TED.

Guess there were more pros since he's currently in negotiations to star.

According to Deadline, Wahlberg will play, "an average Boston guy, normal except for for the childhood wish he made that his teddy bear could come to life--and it did. Years later, the boy is an adult, and the bear is still his best friend. But the bear, a carousing, irresponsible slacker, is getting in the way of his buddy committing to adulthood and the girl he loves." MacFarlane will provide the vocals for the bear which will be brought to life using CG. The film will be live action.

MacFarlane wrote the script with his fellow FAMILY GUY writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild.

I'm very interested in seeing Wahlberg alongside this pot smoking CG bear. I know the FAMILY GUY humor might be wearing thin for some, but this could actually be really amusing.

Anyone else open to this film?

Extra Tidbit: Maybe Wahlberg should team-up with this bear.
Source: Deadline



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