Mark Zuckerberg lands some enemies in this teaser trailer for The Social Network

It would seem easy to roll your eyes at the idea of a movie based on the creation of Facebook. However when David Fincher is involved, it's hard to say no.

A few people who have read the script for THE SOCIAL NETWORK say it's a really a great read. I just can't really that Zuckerberg kid. Maybe it's because he made a shit ton of money off of MySpace 2.0 or it could be the fact that he got caught calling Facebook users a bunch of "dumb f*cks".

All that aside, it boils down to this. The script is getting good buzz, Fincher is directing, and the cast should be an interesting watch: Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield, Rashida Jones, Max Minghella, Rooney Mara. Listen to the voice overs in this teaser and tell us what you think of THE SOCIAL NETWORK. The film releases October 15, 2010.

Extra Tidbit: Zuckerberg was known for reciting lines from epic poems such as The Iliad in college.
Source: JoBlo



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