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Marlon Wayans' Fifty Shades of Black gets a red-band trailer


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The first FIFTY SHADES OF BLACK trailer was released last month, and now a red-band trailer for Marlon Wayans' latest spoof movie has dropped. The new look at the upcoming film has recycled some content from the first trailer, but there is a bunch of new footage, as well as additional curse words. Personally I don't think this trailer is any better or funnier than the previous one, but maybe it's just me.

"Don't ever f*cking smile again."

Kali Hawk, Mike Epps, Andrew Bachelor, Affion Crockett, Jane Seymour, Fred Willard and Florence Henderson also star in the film, which comes from A HAUNTED MANSION co-writer Rick Alvarez and director Michael Tiddes. Are you planning on checking it out next month?

FIFTY SHADES OF BLACK will be in theaters on January 29, 2016.

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