Marmaduke trailer

Why am I sharing this with you? For one, it's movie news. Two, it might keep you away from it if you were ever considering watching it.

The MARMADUKE comic was just flat out not funny. It might have a lot to do with the change in humor. Brad Anderson debuted the unruly dog in 1954. Owen Wilson does the voice of the Great Dane, who finds it hard to be a huge teenage mutt. Wilson must enjoy doing canine films, before this he did MARLEY & ME. Perhaps if they do another BEETHOVEN movie, he'll step in for Charles Grodin.

I was utterly confused in more than one way when watching this teaser. When it started I thought I clicked the wrong video as it looked like the opening for THE O.C. There's no way this is good. Why does William H. Macy make movies like this? Yeah I know, money.

Extra Tidbit: Wouldn't you shit if they came out with a Family Circus movie? I can imagine the possible cast now.
Source: Yahoo Movies



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