Marsden gets his due

For all of us who've appreciated the work of criminally underused actor James Marsden, your patience has paid off. After paying his dues in shit roles in 27 DRESSES and SUPERMAN RETURNS, Marsden is finally getting the lead role in an upcoming dramatic film. Marsden has been cast as the lead in Rod Lurie's upcoming remake of STRAW DOGS where he will take over the Dustin Hoffman role. Instead of being set in England (like the 1971 original), this version will have the David Sumner character traveling to the south with his wife (and he's no longer a mathematician but a Hollywood screenwriter).

The film should be a welcome stretch for Marsden who'll be able to show off the chops that have shined through in movies like ENCHANTED and HAIRSPRAY (though on an entirely different level). The film is set up at Screen Gems, which fills me with fear that the project will be repackaged as a LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT type thriller. Filming on STRAW DOGS is expected to begin this August.

Extra Tidbit: No matter what they do, they'll never match the awesomeness of the original film's poster.
Source: THR



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