Marsden goes from Cyclops to Easter Bunny?

One day a director will figure out exactly what to do with an actor as talented as James Marsden. He was hamstrung almost right from the start with those Cyclops glasses in the X-MEN films. While he did the best he could, I never fully believed him as a father in Richard Kelly's THE BOX. The less said about 27 DRESSES, the better. And playing a cuckold to Superman in SUPERMAN LIVES didn't help. I think the closest he's gotten to really proving what he can do was, perhaps not coincidentally, in two musicals - ENCHANTED and HAIRSPRAY.

Sadly it seems that Marsden is still struggling to find the right roles. He's just signed on to star opposite Russell Brand in I HOP, a live-action/animation comedy from Tim Hill, the director of ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS. In the film, Marsden will play a guy who accidentally injures the Easter Bunny (Brand) and is forced to nurse him to recovery. While Marsden will be live-action, I'm guessing the Easter Bunny will be some kind of mo-cap/animation mix played by Brand.

The film is being produced by Chris Meledandri for Universal, who are also teaming on the upcoming DESPICABLE, ME. While it's not the kind of role I'd wish for Marsden, I love that he's an actor who can go from filming a remake of STRAW DOGS to a kids movie about nursing the Easter Bunny back to health. Well played Jimmy.

Extra Tidbit: I know they make Sour Patch candy canes but do they have Easter eggs? Please say yes.
Source: THR



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