Marshall, Raimi Burst

DOOMSDAY and THE DESCENT director Neil Marshall has lined up his next project, a 3D horror project called BURST, with Sam Raimi's Ghost House producing. Ready for the plot?

“A group of stranded travelers meet during a blizzard and get stalked by a malevolent force that makes people spontaneously combust. “

Somewhere, Death from FINAL DESTINATION is going, “You can do that? That could have saved a lot of time...” I like Marshall’s previous work, and if he says he can make an entertaining 3D horror movie about a ghost who makes people explode, I’m all for giving him a chance, however f*cking crazy the idea may sound.

I’m not exactly how you go about fighting or hiding from something like that, but I’m sure that will be explained in due time. Marshall is currently finishing up CENTURION, about a group of Roman soldier stuck behind enemy lines, and once that wraps, he’ll start on BURST.

Extra Tidbit: I suppose DOG SOLDIERS sounded like an equally WTF concept...
Source: Variety



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