Martfred Scorsecock!

You are about to watch one of the greatest commercials ever filmed. Martin Scorsese finds an unfinished Alfred Hitchcock script called KEY TO RESERVA, and decides to shoot a part of it himself, the way he thinks Hitchcock would have done it. What follows is an uncanny tribute by one master to another. This short film/mockumentary doesn’t even deserve the moniker of commercial. The minor Freixenet wine plug towards the end is just an excuse for this to get made. Scorsese is known for his love and expertise on film history, and here we get a look at just how far his knowledge spans. Watching this made me nostalgic for all the Hitchcock films I’ve seen, and you can spot references to many of them throughout this clip. His homage is bookended by two amusing bits in which Marty does some fine acting. The score is pulled from NORTH BY NORTHWEST, and that’s Simon Baker (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA) in the lead. Check it out BELOW.

Extra Tidbit: That white-haired woman next to Marty towards the end is Thelma Schoonmaker, his editor for over 35 years.
Source: YouTube



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