Martin Scorsese talks a little about his forthcoming Sinatra biopic

Marty Scorsese recently got chatted up by website ShortList.com and was asked several questions regarding his proposed biopic of Ol' Blue Eyes, SINATRA.

On the current state of the project: "...we’re still working on the Sinatra script. It’s very hard because here is a man who changed the entire image of the Italian-American. And that’s just one thing. Along with his political work, civil rights, the Mob..."

Marty's then asked what films of his might SINATRA most resemble. GOODFELLAS? THE AVIATOR? His response: "I was hoping it would be a combination of the two. Yeah, because in structure I'd like it to be more like GoodFellas. But like The Aviator, it only deals with certain times in his life. We can't go through the greatest hits of Sinatra's life. We tried this already. Just can't do it. So the other way to go is to have three or four different Sinatras. Younger. Older. Middle-aged. Very old. You cut back and forth in time – and you do it through the music. See what I'm saying? So that's what we're trying for. It's very tricky [laughs]."

Before all that, however, Scorsese's asked what actors he'd like to one day work with: "Johnny Depp is one. I like him. He's unique. I don't know how he does it. George Clooney. Brad Pitt is interesting. And Tobey Maguire. There's a lot of good people."

Please keep in mind that these names are NOT directly correlated to SINATRA (Marty has stated that he hasn't spoken to anyone about the film). But, it's always interesting to hear one of the greats go down a wish-list of sorts. But as suggested by The Playlist, how cool would it be if Scorsese pulled a Todd Haynes and cast a big star for every stage of the crooner's life?

Marty's SHUTTER ISLAND is still currently kicking about in theaters (close to becoming only his third film to cross the $100 million mark - THE DEPARTED and THE AVIATOR being the other two). His next project will be the "children's film" THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET.
Extra Tidbit: Want a great Sinatra album? Pick up "In the Wee Small Hours".



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