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Martin Scorsese to direct/produce Shutter Island series Ashecliffe for HBO


Is it just me or does it seem like each day we are hearing about another feature film being adapted as a television series? Most recently, we heard that Steven Spielberg was developing a series based on MINORITY REPORT. Now, it looks like the great Martin Scorsese is turning one of his recent movies into a show for HBO.

According to Deadline, Scorsese and Paramount are working to turn the 2010 Leonardo DiCaprio thriller SHUTTER ISLAND into an HBO series. Tentatively titled ASHECLIFFE, after the asylum on the titular island, the pilot is likely to be directed by Scorsese. With BOARDWALK EMPIRE ending it's run this year and HBO working on a musical drama with Scorsese and Mick Jagger, ASHECLIFFE seems like a slam dunk for the cable giant.

There does not seem to be a start date for ASHECLIFFE, which will also have involvement from SHUTTER ISLAND author Dennis Lehane, but if they want Scorsese to direct they will have to wait at least until after he wraps his upcoming film SILENCE, based on the Japanese novel. Based on the events in the film, ASHECLIFFE will have to be a prequel so production on a film will give the director, Lehane, and whoever else is involved some time to develop the story.

I enjoyed SHUTTER ISLAND as a nice throwback to the thrillers of the 1950s and the twist was an interesting one. While it may not have been Scorsese's strongest film, I definitely would give this show a try.

Source: Deadline



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