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Marvel at Raimi's rendition of Oz with these high-res stills


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While you may recognize all of these pictures from the trailer that debuted last week, that doesn't change how pretty they are or how worth it is to give them a second (even third) look so as to catch all of the small details Raimi has seen fit to include. I probably spent a good few minutes just studying the smoke surrounding Michelle Williams.

I found the trailer to be a truly wonder-filled viewing experience the first time I watched it, but subsequent viewings have left me feeling a bit cold.  Though that probably has to do with the studio trying to sell the wonder of the movie's world more than the plot or characters, so hopefully the next trailer that appears will make an effort to remedy that and be more than just a very (very) pretty face.  

There's still a while to wait yet - OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL doesn't arrive in theaters with the hope of transporting you to its magical world until March 8th, 2013.

And in case you missed it the first time, you can click here to read our team's write-up of OZ's panel at Comic-Con this past weekend.

Oz the Great and Powerful 5

Oz the Great and Powerful still 1

Oz the Great and Power still 2

Oz the Great and Power still 3

Oz the Great and Power still 4

Extra Tidbit: I'm very curious as to what all that tea pot business is. That picture makes me think of ALICE IN WONDERLAND far more than any of the others, though perhaps that's also because I'm not well versed in the mythology of Oz and so don't know if that's something straight out of Baum. Anybody out there know their Oz lore?
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