Marvel to introduce new characters in 10-minute short films?

As anyone who saw TOY STORY 3 this past weekend can attest, the opening short can be a great addition to a film. Traditionally we've seen only animated shorts before movies (there will be a Looney Tunes short running before prints of CATS AND DOGS 2), but what about live-action short films? More specifically, what about live-action short films starring characters from the Marvel universe?

Latino Review is reporting that Marvel Studios is in talks to introduce some of their second-tier characters through a series of 10-minute short films that would run before some of their upcoming features (like THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA). Exactly which characters will be highlighted remains unclear but Latino mentions Black Panther, Luke Cage and Dr. Strange. Not surprisingly, these are some of the same characters mentioned along with the rumors that Marvel is producing some lower-budgeted movies around secondary characters.

There are a ton of questions that come with news like this including who would direct the shorts. Would it be the director of the eventual feature film or would they just get a hired gun to come in and work on something quickly? There sadly aren't many more answers at this point but as things begin to heat up, I'm sure we'll hear more about this.

Extra Tidbit: Now that Disney owns Marvel, I wouldn't be surprised to see one of these shorts run before a Marvel film.
Source: Latino Review



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