Marvel's on-screen presence is set to expand... with a Human Fly movie?

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This one definitely required some research, there are actually two characters named The Human Fly in Marvel lore - an Spider-Man villain, because obviously, and a 70s superhero with a limited run of nineteen issues. The movie currently in the works is about the latter, a superhero who existed from 1977-1979 and ran into several other heroes in that time including Spider-Man and Daredevil.

Originally inspired by the persona of a real-life stuntman, THE HUMAN FLY already has a script by Tony Babinski (the in-house historian of Cirque Du Soleil) and funding from the Paramount-based company Eisenberg-Fisher productions.  Steven Goldmann (TRAILER PARK OF TERROR) will direct.

As per The Human Fly's Wikipedia entry: The second Human Fly was a young man of unknown identity who was severely injured during a car crash. After a long hospitalization, including a number of reconstructive surgeries in which much of his skeleton was replaced by steel, he took on the masked identity of the Human Fly. As the Human Fly, he performed daredevil stunts to benefit various charities, especially those helping children with disabilities. His activities often drew him into conflict with criminals, who were often seeking to rob the charity events at which he performed.

There's actually some pretty cool potential here, both in terms of set-pieces and the extremely positive nature of The Human Fly's mission.  Disbaility is the sort of thing that just isn't talked about much in those widely-seen superhero movies that we're all buzzing about, and a positive disabled role model such as The Human Fly who is also cool could be an important step forward and provide an interesting counterpoint to the grimness of David Slade's upcoming DAREDEVIL.

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Extra Tidbit: Has anybody out there ever read any of the Human Fly comics?
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