Marvel's rumored Guardians of the Galaxy is moving back its 2014 release date

Last week I erroneously reported that Marvel had officially announced their 2014 movie would be GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (sorry, Latino Review!). While we will not know officially until Comic Con what that movie will actually be, it is almost guaranteed to be GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

So, with that technicality out of the way, Box Office Mojo updated their release schedule and it now shows the still untitled 2014 film has been moved from May 16th to August 1st, 2014. That means that CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 will open in April to start the summer and the second film will close it out.

As many of you can tell from the fact that GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is a lesser known squad than THE AVENGERS, Marvel will need to build up the momentum. Plus, August tends to be a weaker release month compared to May, so they are hedging their bets that CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 will bring in the money and give them some more time to build buzz for GUARDIANS.

Maybe Marvel should just bank on Rocket Raccoon as the star of the film and take it from there.

Source: Box Office Mojo



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