Marvel's Runaways gets a writer who knows Heroics

Everyone seems to be squeezing in their comic-related movie announcements before the long weekend. Now it's about Marvel's RUNAWAYS, their team of superpowered teens who don't wear X uniforms.

The project, which recently brought in Peter Sollett (NICK AND NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST) to direct, now has a writer: Drew Pearce, creator of the UK superhero sitcom "No Heroics". The show was set in a world where such comic book archetypes were real, and followed the exploits of several off-duty hard-drinking C-list heroes. (An American remake with Freddy Prinze Jr. never made it past the pilot episode.) You can get a sample of "No Heroics" below.

The RUNAWAYS comic was created by "Lost" writer and "Y: The Last Man" creator Brian K. Vaughan, and follows a group of youngsters who discover their parents are a secret supervillain group known as The Pride. When the kids discover they inherited their parents' various abilities, they refuse to take after their evil folks and go on the run, using their new powers for good.

Joss Whedon also scripted an arc of the comic, but both he and Vaughan are obviously too busy to do the screenplay themselves. 

Extra Tidbit: R.I.P., Thundermonkey.



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