Marvin Martian movie

I’ve been so focused on movies based off of board games and children’s toys lately, I’ve forgotten that there’s an entire stable of obscure cartoon characters left who obviously each need their own feature film. And that’s why director Alex Zamm has just been put in charge of a MARVIN THE MARTIAN movie.

The last time we saw Marvin onscreen, he was zapping other aliens in SPACE JAM, but this time, he’s got something else up his sleeve. In the new film he travels to Earth to try and destroy Christmas (okaay?), but then is tripped up when he accidentally gets stuck inside a gift box. Hilarity!

Also, it should be noted that the film is being filmed in live-action, with only Marvin himself being CGI, ALVIN AND THE CHIMPMUNKS style, and Mike Myers is being approached for the voice. I wonder if they’ll change the character design and make him more expressive than a giant pair of eyes?

Extra Tidbit: Marvin the Martian was Bugs Bunny’s only nemesis that could consistently f*ck him up.
Source: LA Times



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