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Mary Elizabeth Winstead will play Mary Todd in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


The incredibly gorgeous (and married) Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been cast in ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER.

She will be playing Lincoln's (Benjamin Walker) wife, Mary Todd. So I guess this means that Robin McLeavy (THE LOVED ONES) won't be taking the role? No information was given on the switch nor does it even acknowledge that she was "cast" on Valentine's Day. Latino Review originally posted the McLeavy news based on a tip from the previous weekend. Guess the person with the tip had their wires crossed or something...

Both ladies were in a fierce battle to win the role that included challenges like pillow fights, mud wrestling, and topless karate. Nope, that never happened. THR just mentioned that they were both in the running for the role. Nothing sexy going on there.

In the end, the fair lady Winstead triumphed over the competition.

Extra Tidbit: This is a nice angle. Ignore Cera.
Source: Heat Vision



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