Mary Jane will not fight for Peter's affections in the Spider-Man reboot

You can stop wondering which actress will be playing Mary Jane since she will not be in the SPIDER-MAN reboot.

Yesterday when the news came that Martin Sheen and Sally Field were to play Peter's uncle and aunt there was also a little something else in those details.

The Wrap reports that James Vanderbilt's (ZODIAC, THE LOSERS) screenplay doesn't include the red headed temptress. There were rumors early on that Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy would be competing for the love of Peter Parker, but it looks like that won't be happening. The filmmakers decided that one love interest was enough for this Spider-Man.

At one point we all thought that Emma Stone would be taking on the role of MJ until news came out that the actress would go back to her blonde roots to play Stacy.

So we have our hero, villain, love interest, and caring aunt and uncle. Now all we need is a J. Jonah Jameson.

Extra Tidbit: I quite enjoyed the Marvel Zombies series. I also liked all of the figures and busts that came out of it. For example, this awesome shit.
Source: The Wrap



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