Matrix, Joey Pants

It just never happened to occur to me until I watched this but Joey Pantoliano has been in a lot of my favorite things. THE MATRIX, one of my all-time favorite movies, and The Sopranos, probably my favorite ever television show (outside of Lost, obviously). Anyway, The Hudson Union Society had him talk about a bunch of stuff, one of which is the downfall of THE MATRIX sequels:

"...it worked, so of course all of these bankers and studio heads saturated the market with it so that by the time that THE MATRIX number 2 came out we were so sick of it, we were so looking for the smoke and mirrors that the Wachowskis were copying themselves. And they had the benefit of tricking the audience the very first time, that's why we loved that movie because we had never seen it before, because it blew our minds. But it couldn't blow our minds twice."

I can actually still enjoy the MATRIX sequels every now and then, but I do feel that they are just simply not as good as the original was. And they do not age well. Unlike your mom. And to think I was worried I wouldn't be able to come up with a punch-line for this story. I really underestimate myself.
Extra Tidbit: The rooftops that Trinity runs across at the beginning of THE MATRIX are the same ones from DARK CITY.
Source: Fora.tv



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