Matrix site opens

Personally I'm not the biggest MATRIX fan in the world.  I know I'm already setting myself up for a litany of e-mails regarding this issue, but it's about time I get this off my chest.   It wasn't a bad movie and in fact I enjoyed it somewhat.  But I can't follow it like the second coming of STAR WARS that many think it is.  While that's certainly your prerogative to follow something so religiously (hell, I'm of the belief "The Simpsons" is on par with the Bible), I just can't get myself overly excited about the upcoming sequels.  To paraphrase Jules Winfield, I guess that's just where most people and I differ.

So if you're unlike me and consider yourself a big MATRIX fan, you might want to head over to hackthematrix.warnerbros.com.  Why?  You lazy baaaastid!   Do I have to spell everything out for you?  Don't you want to have some fun and play Perry Mason for the day?  If you do some detective work, I'm sure you'll find all kinds of cool new information on the MATRIX RELOADED.  Oh man, I ran out of Pez - I better RELOAD my dispenser.  Hey, my favorite old-time game show PASSWORD is on.  I think I'll watch PASSWORD and RELOAD my Pez dispenser for a snack.......

Source: Warner Bros
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