Matt Damon Adjusts

Few actors in Hollywood inspire an audience's confidence in every role that they attack. You got your Clooneys, your Pitts, and most definitely your Damons. But that's pretty much it. These days, it's like, Ocean or bust.

Matt Damon especially, has established such a solid career, that the idea of him appearing in a genuine stinker just seems totally counterintuitive. In what feels like another surefire hit, Damon will next star in THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, in which he'll play David Norris, a charismatic congressman on a whirlwind rise to the top of the political chain. Soon he meets a beautiful ballet dancer, only to discover that strange circumstances are keeping them apart. The discovery of a conspiracy ensues and I assume that Damon will eventually fix all that is wrong in the world.

George Nolfi, who wrote THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM, will write and direct the film, meaning that Damon is in safe hands. Nolfi is also writing the next Bourne film, which no doubt gives the man added incentive not to mess this one up.
Extra Tidbit: Is Damon our most reliable leading man?
Source: Variety



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