Matt Damon in early talks to join Neill Blomkamp's sci-fi film Elysium

Just days ago, news broke that visionary director Neill Blomkamp (DISTRICT 9) would be making his return to sci-fi with a new film entitled ELYSIUM. But not only that, he'd also be bringing along his ol' D9 chum Sharlto Copely (MEN IN BLACK III).

Today, Deadline is reporting that Matt Damon (THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, TRUE GRIT) is in early negotiations to join ELYSIUM. Should that go through, it would be a pretty big get for Blomkamp, likely helping the film find distribution more easily (though it won't reportedly go out to market until a full cast has been assembled).

As far as story goes, all we really have to go on is from what was reported in the initial Deadline article from a few days ago: "Elysium is Blomkamp's long-awaited story set in the far future on another planet and, like District 9, is filled with many sociopolitical ideas wrapped up inside a Hollywood action film." So basically, it's speculation time!

And what of Matt Damon? Do you like that potential casting? Damon's looking at a very busy and high profile 2011; he's got the Philip K. Dick adaptation THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU with Emily Blunt, Steven Soderbergh's CONTAGION, and Cameron Crowe's WE BOUGHT A ZOO to name just a few.
Extra Tidbit: Hearing great things about Damon in TRUE GRIT...
Source: Deadline



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