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Matt Damon in talks to join George Clooney's The Monuments of Men

Dec. 4, 2012by:

George Clooney's next directorial effort, THE MONUMENTS OF MEN already has a tremendous cast involved with the likes of Clooney, Daniel Craig, Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett, Jean Dujardin, John Goodman, Hugh Bonneville and Bob Balaban. Now it looks like one of his close buddies is getting in on the action.

Matt Damon is currently in talks to star in Clooney's period drama. The film, "confronts the final chapter of Germanys rule, which came down to the absolute destruction of everything that makes a culture keep its standing, including the lives that are lost and the sacrifices that are made. All of this is in danger of being lost forever as Hitler and the Nazis try to cover the tracks of a murderous regime. A crew of art historians and museum curators unite to recover renown works of art that were stolen by Nazis before they are destroyed."

For my score nerds, Alexandre Desplat (THE KING'S SPEECH, MOONRISE KINGDOM) will be the one to compose the music for the project.

Clooney will direct THE MONUMENTS OF MEN come January in Europe.

Source: Deadline


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8:34AM on 12/05/2012


please tell me Bill Murray plays Hitler! Oh God please make this happen.
please tell me Bill Murray plays Hitler! Oh God please make this happen.
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Latest Movie News Headlines

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