Matthew replaces Owen

Instead of writing out the role, Ben Stiller has opted to replace Owen Wilson with Matthew McConaughey for the uncredited cameo in TROPIC THUNDER that Wilson was forced to pull out of, after his recent troubles. McConaughey managed to free up one week to head over to Hawaii to film the role, and I really can't think of a better replacement than him. He shares the laid-back surfer boy charm possessed by Wilson, and even though Owen's got an uncanny chemistry with Stiller, Matt should have no trouble filling the role. Considering McConaughey is the replacement, you can pretty much guess what kind of character this will be: the charming, relaxed and confident actor, since the movie is about a bunch of actors shooting a war movie, who end up fighting a real war. McConaughey has the upcoming adventure comedy FOOL'S GOLD with Kate Hudson as well as SURFER DUDE, which must have been written for him.
Extra Tidbit: Robert Downey Jr., Jay Baruchel, Jack Black, costar with Stiller in this film.
Source: Variety



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