Matt's Invisible Woman

Matt Reeves CLOVERFIELD director Matt Reeves has decided he's had just about enough of pre-pubescent monsters decimating New York. At least for now. In a recent chat with "MTV Movies Blog", he reveals that he won't next be directing a teen Clover as he demolishes his way through New York but instead, he's decided that he'll next tackle a project he was developing prior to CLOVERFIELD - a non-sci fi film titled THE INVISIBLE WOMAN. As for using a name that will confuse and frustrate the masses, he explains: "[The title] is sort of more metaphorical. It’s kind of a Hitchcockian thriller, in the vein of ‘Marnie,’ about this woman that gets so desperate to save her family, that she goes to crazy lengths and enters a life of crime. It’s a very, very psychological thriller, but then it’s a lot of fun.” Then name it PSYCHO NUTJOB LADY WITH A GOOD HEART but not something that'll have everyone expecting sci fi! In any case, read the rest of what he had to say over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Reeves recently acted in the sci fi original film BLOOD MONKEY.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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