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Max Payne trailer!


UPDATE 2 - Back online below!

UPDATE - It seems as though Fox has gotten through to FilmWeb and they've pulled the trailer. As soon as an appropriate mirror pops up online, we'll repost.

When I first started watching the MAX PAYNE trailer [below] with our hero floating lifeless underwater I couldn't help but think, "Oh great, another BOURNE IDENTITY clone." Luckily I stuck around the watch the rest of the trailer because while it does borrow somewhat from the BOURNE formula, it also has enough going for it visually to interest me. Of course there's more to making a quality video game adaptation than visual flair (though at this point, we should take what we can get). MAX PAYNE hits theaters this October (and will have a big unveiling at Comic-Con later this month) and now, courtesy of FilmWeb.pl, you can take a look at the trailer.

Extra Tidbit: PAYNE director John Moore last directed the OMEN remake.
Source: FilmWeb



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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