McAdams Returns

Rachel McAdams Rachel McAdams, Tim Robbins and Michael Pena have signed on to the drama THE RETURN, perhaps in an attempt to lift the curse inflicted on that title by the lamentable Sarah Michelle Gellar horror vehicle. Under THE ILLUSIONIST director Neil Burger from a script he co-wrote with FIERCE PEOPLE writer Dirk Wittenborn, McAdams, Robbins and Pena will play three soldiers who, after coming home from a tour of duty in Iraq, inadvertently set out on a road trip across America together, finding peace, redemption and discount hookers along the way. Production is scheduled for May. McAdams can next be seen avoiding marital doom in the drama MARRIED LIFE, Robbins can next be seen taking vengeance on the cacophony of a sprawling metropolis in the black comedy NOISE and Pena can next be seen bowing before Mark Wahlberg's Oscar-sanctified (even a nomination grants divinity) feet in the thriller SHOOTER.

Extra Tidbit: McAdams was born in the same hospital as THE NOTEBOOK co-star and current love bunny Ryan Gosling - St. Joseph's Hospital in London, Ontario.
Source: Variety



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