McAvoy's Bounty

Oh, to be the hottest shit in Hollywood. Leonardo DiCaprio did it, Colin Farrell did it, and the massive dump Brittany Murphy just took at the Chateau Marmont did it. Now it’s James McAvoy’s turn. Was his performance in ATONEMENT snubbed by Oscar? Who cares. He’s getting offered roles left, right, center, and perpendicularly. Variety is reporting that he’s in talks to star in the comedy thriller PERRIER’S BOUNTY, about three fugitives running from a kingpin gangster, who is out for revenge after the accidental death of one of his cronies. The film will be directed by Ian Fitzgibbon, who’s done mainly TV stuff until now. I’m imagining this to be along the lines of IN BRUGES, a crass, blokey, British romp. McAvoy can next be seen in WANTED, the comic-book adaptation with Angelina Jolie that will prove if this wily thesp can handle slo-mo gunfights.
Extra Tidbit: Actress Anne-Marie Duff is also in talks to star, and by the sheer force of synchronicity, she happens to be married to McAvoy too.
Source: Variety



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