McConaughey Surfs?!?!

Matthew McConaughey is an extremely versatile actor. He could play a cryogenically frozen sheriff from the Wild West who must do battle with negro cyborgs in 2560, East L.A. He could play a surgeon who only operates on patients that enjoy flat shoes instead of heels. He could play a security guard who gets caught sleeping on the job and then is forced to eat Wendy’s for the rest of his life because if it. The one thing he can’t play—and I am completely certain of this—is a surfer dude. Matthew shares absolutely no qualities with surfer dudes whatsoever and the mere thought of him attempting to play one makes me shudder, cringe and all that stuff in between.

I am stunned then, to learn that he will in fact attempt to play a surfer dude in the film aptly entitled SURFER, DUDE. If by some miracle he manages to pull this off, shut down the academy voting and just hand him the Oscar here and now. Check out the poster below to witness for yourself this astonishing transformation.

Extra Tidbit: I have a feeling Heath Ledger suddenly has some competition for performance of the year.
Source: Impawards.com



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