McDonough is Bison

Wow, after deciding that the casting decisions made for STREET FIGHTER: THE LEGEND OF CHUN LI were pretty much the worst things I could ever hope to hear - prison propositions and a Soulja Boy a capella included - things have surprisingly taken a turn for the better. Neal McDonough (MINORITY REPORT) has joined the cast to play the villainous M. Bison. And if he could bulk up a bit, wear some all white contact lenses, that casting might just be dead on. Things still don't bode well for this film, not when you read the cast list and it starts with "Moon Bloodgood" and ends with "... from the Black Eyed Peas", but since STREET FIGHTER basically ate my childhood I've got to try and be upbeat.

The back-story to M. Bison is that he heads the criminal organization 'Shadaloo' and that his low roundhouse is way too good. The movie will see Chun Li (Kristen Kreuk) seek revenge on M. Bison for the death of her father. Michael Clarke Duncan and Chris Klein also co-star.

Extra Tidbit: Not saying Bloodgood isn't nice to look at; just that she isn't exactly your go-to for great cinema. Also, never trust people with 6 'o's in their name. Okay, maybe you can trust this chick. Good lord, she is hotter than I remembered. Is this a recent picture? In conclusion I'm in love and this movie is going to be incredible.



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