McFarlane a friend of Dorothy?

Warner Bros. is moving ahead with a post-LORD OF THE RINGS adaptation of THE WIZARD OF OZ based on a pitch by comic creator Todd McFarlane and writer Josh Olson (A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE). The film will be based, in part, on a line of toys created by McFarlane but perhaps a little toned down. Instead of the slutty and chesty Dorothy you see to the right, Olson is working to town down the material to a PG. Olson perhaps but it best when he said, "I want this to be HARRY POTTER dark, not SEVEN dark." As for plot, no specifics were given but the film is expected to be a sequel rather than a remake and you can expect Dorothy to be a little more independent (they call to mind Ripley from the ALIEN films). While Warner Bros. clearly hopes to market this towards the LOTR crowd, will audiences be turned off by yet another OZ revisioning? This fall the Scifi network is launching the mini-series "Tin Man" this fall, which is described as a "darkly menacing" adaptation of the OZ story. I, of course, will always be partial to this version.

Extra Tidbit: McFarlane is co-owner of the NHL's Edmonton Oilers.
Source: Variety



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