McFarlane talks Venom

Though Sony is hot to spin SPIDER-MAN 3 villain Venom off into his own movie, Venom creator Todd McFarlane isn't so hot on the idea (UPDATE - a few readers have written it to clarify that McFarlane is credited as co-creating Venom with writer David Michelinie). Speaking to Newsarama, McFarlane says that making movies where the villain is the lead character isn't smar. "Those don't work. The reason they're so cool as a bad guy is because they're bad. And as soon as you try to give too much humanity to them, then you go, 'NO!'" McFarlane cites the infamous Halle Berry CATWOMAN as an example of how trying to spinoff a villain into a hero can result in a disaster. He also says that any new cinematic incarnation of Venom should have more of "a creep factor" than the Topher Grace version. The proposed VENOM movie might not ever happen and McFarlane isn't sure if it ever can. "I don't know if you can have a movie about a guy who goes out there and maims everybody and wins all the time." Good point and considering the dude created Venom, he should know a little bit about it. Do you think VENOM is a good idea? I was all pumped up to see the character in SPIDER-MAN 3 but was colossally let down when I saw the final product.

Extra Tidbit: When McFarlane created Venom he had no idea there would be a human inside the suit.
Source: Newsarama



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