McG and Bryan Singer working on web-only movies?

While Bryan Singer is busy prepping JACK THE GIANT KILLER and McG is filming THIS MEANS WAR, the two directors are hard at work producing a new series of web shorts for Warner Bros. Looking to replicate the success of Joss Whedon's "Dr. Horrible" series, the studio has set aside some money to film these hour-long films that will premiere early next year on a variety of online platforms.

The first, H+, will be directed by Stewart Hendler (SORORITY ROW) and will follow a virus that wipes out a large chunk of the human population. Also in the works is AIM HIGH, a high school set espionage film from director Thor Freudenthal.

The projects were initially pitched to Singer and his Bad Hat Harry production company for possible TV projects (Singer produced the highly popular Fox series "House") before they were recommissioned as web-only projects.

So far no cast is involved and it's unclear exactly what kind of budget either project will be working with. While all parties involved are still developing theatrical release projects, they were drawn to the web series because of how quickly they could mobilize a web-only film (as opposed to a film project which can languish in development for years).

Extra Tidbit: Singer is also producing X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.
Source: LA Times



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