McG is OK w/ T4?

It took director McG a few years to follow up his double-dose of CHARLIE'S ANGELS, but now each week he seems to add another new project to his juggling routine. Is the post-apocalyptic assault on endoskeleton armies up next?

CHUD says the director is on the short list for the fourth TERMINATOR flick, which is currently powering up its processors. The story apparently does what T3 should have, and tell the paradoxical origin of the older John Connor as he roams the burnt landscape smashing the metal motherf*ckers into junk, which seems like it could be perfect territory for McG's whiz-bang visuals.

Of course, the movie is among the 5,719 projects that are trying to gain footage before the Dreaded Strike of Doom and Dread strikes next summer, and McG already has a half-dozen other projects that he's at least producing. But it sounds like he's being pursued for the T4 chair, and might grab a 40-watt phased-plasma rifle and a mansion-building paycheck for some action.
Extra Tidbit: Baller Shaquille O'Neal once spread rumors that he'd play an evil terminator in T3. Instead we got future BLOODRAYNE star Kristanna Loken. I guess we won?
Source: CHUD



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