McG meets McQueen

With two CHARLIE'S ANGELS and one football movie behind him, director McG is moving on to resurrection. More accurately, an unfinished project from my personal idol and epitome of old-school Hollywood cool, Steve McQueen.

McG is settling into a new home at Warner Bros., where he piled McQueen's legacy project YUCATAN onto his plate. Some 25 years after McQueen exited the screen for good, his offspring Chad found storyboards and notes (around 1700 pages worth) in his iconic father’s vault, setting up a heist flick (in which McQueen had planned to star, but sadly THE HUNTER would be his final film) about a gang of thieves seeking a stash of long-buried Mayan treasure on the Yucatan peninsula. PRISON BREAK guy Paul Scheuring already penned a draft.

In addition, McG is working on a spy flick with Phil Alden Robinson (SNEAKERS) and a MEN IN BLACK-esque movie called NIGHTCRAWLERS, about a father facing childhood monsters. Just as long as he stops trying to convince me that Drew Barrymore can perform a mid-air split-kick.
Extra Tidbit: Over the past several years, McG has been attached to direct SUPERMAN RETURNS, an EVEL KNIEVEL biopic, and a movie based on the HOT WHEELS toy cars.
Source: Variety



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