McG to produce big screen adaptation of the short film Ruin

20th Century Fox is negotiating the rights to Wes Ball's short film RUIN to adapt it for the big screen. McG will produce the film and Ball will direct. Fox apparently is looking to make this a franchise (does anybody not look to make franchises these days?). Ball will cowrite the screenplay with T.S. Nowlin.

The short film, which premiered in March, takes place in a post-apocalyptic city that has fallen to ruin and is being reclaimed by nature. There is certainly an action element to the film and Ball's official YouTube page indicates it is part of a much larger story. No indication is given to what that story is.

Ball worked on the film for two years in between doing graphic work for HBO and other companies. This has the potential to be something pretty awesome, but it is hard to judge without a plot to go by.

Extra Tidbit: Scenes from RUIN were purchased by NBC to be used in their upcoming series REVOLUTION. I wonder if that will have any impact on Fox's purchase.



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