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McGregor robs banks


You know the economy is bad when guys like Ewan McGregor are knocking over banks. Wait, it's only a movie. He must still be getting his Obi-Wan residual checks. I hope he feels dirty when he cashes them.

Anyway, McGregor will star in THE ELECTRIC SLIDE, about real-life Hollywood felon Eddie Dodson, who robbed 72 Los Angeles-area banks in the 1980s. Dodson became addicted to the thrill after pulling a job to impress a girlfriend, and was ultimately nailed by the FBI while doing a popular dance (though I might be misinterpreting).

Tristan Patterson will direct from his own script, adapted from a Gear magazine article called "The Yankee Bandit: The Life and Times of Eddie Dodson, World's Great Bank Robber." The girlfriend role is expected to be filled by Carey Mulligan, who coincidentally appears in another bank-robber movie, PUBLIC ENEMIES.

Extra Tidbit: McGregor toured the world on motorcycle with chum Charley Boorman, documented in the series "LONG WAY ROUND" and "LONG WAY DOWN."
Source: THR



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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