McKidd talks Thor

Kevin McKidd Former cinematic centurion Kevin McKidd, who's been rumored to be up for the titular role in THOR, director Matthew Vaughn's feature adaptation of the Marvel comic of the same name, recently spoke about his possible involvement in the film and had this to say:

It is semi true. I didn't know about it either until I heard the rumors. I called my agent and the last I heard was I think they want to go with somebody much younger, a nineteen or twenty year old for that role. Although they may be switching their sights, the other main male character in that movie I think I am in consideration for.

It certainly is by no means in the bag. To be honest until I read a script I don't really know so this is all still information coming out. It could be fun, but it depends on what is on the page. It all starts and finishes with the script.

He would certainly make for a pretty fierce Thor, though it seems they may be going for a young buck pretty boy. In the meantime, we can see him as a time traveling good Samaritan in the upcoming fall show "Journeyman".

Extra Tidbit: McKidd's debut feature, at least according to the IMDB, was TRAINSPOTTING.
Source: Comingsoon.net



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