McQuarrie meets Wolvie

While his USUAL SUSPECTS and VALKYRIE partner Bryan Singer heads off into space, writer Christopher McQuarrie is reuniting with an old clawed friend.

Fox has brought in the Oscar-winning scribe to pen a WOLVERINE sequel, thereby giving fans some hope that it won't be completely silly and packed with senseless mutant cameos.

As previously suggested, the movie will take cues from the famed 1982 Chris Claremont/Frank Miller comic miniseries, which helped popularize the character to the point where he'd make "special appearances" in half of Marvel's books. The story of love and honor paints Logan as a modern masterless samurai in Japan, where he attempts to win the heart of Mariko Yashida but winds up clashing with her father. And hundreds of ninjas.

McQuarrie first met Hugh Jackman's animalistic adamantium-laced mutant over a decade ago, when he worked on Singer's X-MEN (though he declined an official writing credit).

Extra Tidbit: Too bad they didn't do this the first time... I wonder how they'll ruin it?
Source: THR



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