McQuarrie's Flying Tigers

Christopher McQuarrie is writing everything now. Apparently him and William Monahan had a meeting and decided they were just gonna do everything for the next five years. McQuarrie has signed on to write FLYING TIGERS as his last effort VALKYRIE hits cinemas, and he now has three projects on his plate. FLYING TIGERS will be based on the volunteer fighter squadron formed to help the Chinese fight the Japanese before the U.S. entered World War II.

I can understand if you're working on something but then a passion project comes up and you just have to sign on to it before someone else does but this is just greedy. It's like when I'm already taking two Victoria's Secret models back to my villa and then I see a third across the way. I have to remind myself that two is enough. Hell two might be more enough. I find it's important to stay grounded and tell myself I'm being greedy. I don't need Adriana, not tonight. I'll get her tomorrow.
Extra Tidbit: McQuarrie is a big fan of Sidney Lumet.
Source: Variety



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