McShane starts Rising

Now that he's got downtime from his dastardly Old West antics on HBO's DEADWOOD, actor Ian McShane is switching sides to the good guys for a bit. McShane, perhaps most famous for using the term "cocksucker" more than practically anyone else in human history, will star in the Fox-Walden flick THE DARK IS RISING, which one can assume occurs shortly after it falls and then catches its breath, a-hyuck.

The fantasy film (based on the book series by Susan Cooper) revolves around a young man who learns he is destined to battle evil in a conflict that reaches epic proportions. McShane will play his profusely foul-mouthed (conjecture mine) mentor, and TV regular David L. Cunningham (of the hilariously biased THE PATH TO 9/11) is directing. Shooting will take place in Romania, now known for its inexpensive but effective film crews and prostitutes.

Extra Tidbit: McShane appeared in a cheesecake-filled syndicated action show titled D.R.E.A.M. TEAM, along with hotties Angie Everhart, Traci Bingham and Traci Lords. (The acronym, for those who really wanna know, stands for Dangerous Reconnaissance Emergency Action Mission.)
Source: Variety



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