Meagan's Love Guru

Meagan Good Unfathomably sexy, busty chocolate princess Meagan Good has, along with Ben Kingsley and John Oliver, joined the cast of Mike Myers' return to character-based live action filmmaking, THE LOVE GURU. In it, he stars as the titular guru who's recruited by the owner of a hockey team, inexplicably played by Jessica Alba, to help reconcile her star player (Romany Malco) with his cheating wife (Good). Also in the cast are Vern Troyer as the team's coach and Justin "Future Sex" Timberlake as the player with whom Good's character has an affair. Kingsley plays Guru Tugginmypudha, Myers' character's mentor and Oliver plays Myers' character's manager, Dick Pants, whose apparent goal is to book the guru on Oprah to have it out on national TV with uber-guru Deepak Chopra. Sheesh, all that sounds excessively busy, especially considering the ultimate guru film has already been made. No joke.

Meagan Good

Extra Tidbit: Meagan has the proud honor of having starred in HOUSE PARTY 4: DOWN TO THE LAST MINUTE.



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