Mean Girls 2?

Paramount has launched a new direct-to-DVD company titled Paramount Famous that will look to launch sequels to popular (or perhaps not-so-popular) Paramount titles for DVD. Among the movies being sequelized under the new company are MEAN GIRLS, GREASE, BAD NEWS BEARS, THE NAKED GUN, ROAD TRIP and WITHOUT A PADDLE (?!). In true marketing speak, the practice of sequelizing properties with crappy films is described as "further enhancing our robust portfolio." Uh-huh. Apparently there is big business in bad DVD sequels as the many BRING IT ON movies have sold as many as 2 million copies each. What I find somewhat interesting is that half of the projects listed already have sequels. Normally I'd feel pretty confident saying that none of the original talent will return for these movies but I don't think I can say for sure that Lindsay Lohan wouldn't return for a MEAN GIRLS 2. The WITHOUT A PADDLE sequel has actually already wrapped filming and will hit shelves later this year. Can a STRANGE WILDERNESS sequel be far off? Have we learned nothing from the LOST BOYS 2 debacle?...

Extra Tidbit: FACE/OFF 2 anyone?
Source: H. Reporter



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