Meat Train stalls

There were rumors earlier this year that MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN was skipping theaters and going direct-to-DVD after it was dropped from Lionsgate's 2008 schedule. We later received an e-mail from a Canadian distributor saying that MEAT TRAIN was no longer getting a theatrical release in Canada. So we called and spoke with Lionsgate and had a long and unfortunately off-the-record conversation. But the basic gist was that MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN was NOT going direct-to-DVD. Turns out Lionsgate was correct and MMT isn't going direct-to-DVD but not for a lack of trying. Shock Till You Drop is reporting that Lionsgate will be dumping the Clive Barker horror flick in a limited amount of theaters this August to fulfill their contract with Lakeshore (the production company). It will be released on DVD very shortly after its theatrical debut. MMT should only see about 100 theaters before making its way to DVD. The film stars Bradley Cooper, Brooke Shields, Vinnie Jones, Leslie Bibb, Roger Bart, Peter Jacobson and Barbara Eve Harris (an impressive cast for a low-budget horror flick). Could it be that bad?

Extra Tidbit: When Jenny was interviewing Clive Barker for MMT at last year's Comic-Con, he was sweating so badly I thought he was going to pass out.



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